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All MRVBC tours are for advanced skiers and riders only.

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Weekly Dawn Patrol Uphill Resort Skin - Advanced

DATE: 2/22/2024 and every Thursday - weather permitting


Skiers and riders will meet at either Sugarbush or Mad River Glen in the wee hours of the morning to rise and rip! Exact time and location will be TBD each week based on conditions.  The event leader will communicate the details each week via email/text to all who opt in to the group.  Feel free to email for more info.  Uphill passes required at Sugarbush.  All participants must read and adhere to the uphill policies: Sugarbush and Mad River Glen.  All participants will be required to complete a waiver through MRVBC for each Thursday.  Bring coffee/tea, snacks, and layers. See our Difficulty Rating System ( to determine if MRVBC’s tours are the right fit for you.  This will be an intermediate uphill pace, not a race!  The downhill could be advanced terrain depending on conditions and route.  Come prepared with knowledge of your own gear as this is not instruction, but it is a great way to meet people, get some amazing exercise and fresh air views, and swap BC stories! 

Participation Limit: none

Leader: Keith Berkelhamer 

Sign up here 

Phen Basin BC Tour - Expert

DATE: 3/2/2024


Skiers will ascend into the Phen Basin of the Camel’s Hump State Park on Section 19 of the Catamount Trail to explore the Hemlock Hill area. Climbing skins will be required. Advanced skiers will enjoy downhill turns through the unmanaged hardwood forest. This is a five-hour tour. Bring lunch and layers. See our Difficulty Rating System ( to determine if MRVBC’s tours are the right fit for you. Participation Limit: Maximum of 8. 

Contact: Kevin Russell

Participation Limit: Maximum of 8

RSVP by 2/24/2024: Kevin Russell